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Slip and Fall

Slip and Fall Accidents

Were you injured as a direct result of another parties negligence or failure to recognize an unsafe condition, like a pothole, or uneven walking surface, and remove or repair the hazard? Did you sustain an injury as a result of a property owner leaving a hazardous condition in an area you were legally entitled to be? Slip and Fall cases can be complicated and confusing, and require immediate legal attention to make sure evidence can be gathered before the scene is altered in any way. Our offices can ensure your case is handled correctly, and evidence is gathered quickly and preserved properly.

If you tripped and fell due to a fixed object or uneven surfaces or an object in your path initiated a stumble, or you slipped and fell due to an unsafe, unmaintained or hazardous situation caused by wetness, slickness or a slippery substance on the ground, and you have experienced an injury as a result of this fall on another person’s property, first seek medical attention, call the police and file a police report, then when you are ready, call the experts at the Law Office of Spencer S. Busby, A.P.L.C. to help you determine if you are legally entitled to compensation for personal injury, lost wages or punitive damages.

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