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Auto Accidents

Automobile and Motorcycles Accidents

TThe process of recovering from an auto accident or other motor vehicle accident can be lengthy and costly, from a financial, physical and psychological perspective. In addition to suffering physical damages you may have lost your primary means of transportation, be unable to work, or unable to even get to work. The sometimes overwhelming process of dealing with insurance companies can be confusing and add to an already unpleasant and unfair burden. The personal injury experts at the Law Office of Spencer S. Busby can help you recoup your losses, replace your assets, and make sure you are receiving fair and just compensation for your physical and psychological trauma.

Our experienced team have helped countless families navigate the ordeal of dealing with car insurers, dealerships, and manufacturers and their attorneys, to make sure that they receive the personal injury and punitive damages they were entitled to be paid. If you, or a loved one, has experienced a motor vehicle collision, first call the police, seek medical attention and take care of those who may be injured.

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