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Practicing law since 1979, Spencer Busby has made a name for himself fighting for the rights of the unfairly injured, and their families. Winning such noteworthy cases as the $416,000 Settlement on the van Dam family murder case; a $1.5 million settlement against a car manufacturer in a single car rollover causing death; and a $146,000 Jury Verdict in a slip and fall suit against a negligent landlord, Mr. Busby has a proven track record of success both in trial and at the negotiating table, ensuring his clients are afforded the compensation they deserve.


Graduating from with honors from Oberlin College in 1976, and from the University of San Diego Law School in 1979, he served as editor of the USD Law School Newspaper before embarking on a career in journalism, as a television producer and magazine editor. After working as a producer for WNEW-TV in New York, as a New Jersey Courier News reporter he relocated to the west coast and began work as an editor of La Mesa Courier, Trial Trends, Trial Bar News and the California Evidence Law Reporter.


Mr. Busby’s extensive media background have made him an ideal legal commentator and he has appeared on CNN/Larry King Live, Nancy Grace and the O’Reilly Factor as a result of his work in the high profile van Dam case.

In addition to being a Superior Court Arbitrator, and a Member of Consumer Attorneys of San Diego and California, he is the recipient of the Outstanding Trial Lawyer Advocacy Award from the Consumer Attorneys of San Diego for Pro-Bono representation of Brenda and Damon van Dam against David Westerfield following his murder of Danielle van Dam.